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Luminescence in Archaeology International Symposium

The 4th Luminescence in Archaeology International Symposium will be hosted by the Sedimentary Geology and Quaternary Research Group at the University of Freiburg (Germany) from April 3rd to 6th 2019.

LAIS 2019 continues the series of symposia initiated in Delphi 2009, Lisbon 2012 and Paris 2015. It is an international initiative focussing on the use of luminescence for the dating and analysis of materials in archaeological and geoarchaeological context. In addition it supports archaeological and archaeometrical communities to further develop and expose luminescence methodology.



  • Advances in luminescence methodology
  • Dose rate determination
  • Innovative materials
  • Application in all fields of archaeological sciences
  • Geo-Archaeological  case studies



Local organiser: F. Preusser

International standing committee: I. Liritzis (Chairman, Rhodes, Greece), N. Zacharias, (Kalamata, Greece), Α. Ζink (Paris, France), Ana Luísa Rodrigues (Lisbon, Portugal).

Members: I. Bailiff (Durham University, U.K), M. Chithambo (Rhodes University, S. Africa), J. Feathers (University of Washington, U.S.A), S-H. Li (University of Hong Kong, China), M. Martini (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy), A. Murray (Riso National Laboratory, Denmark), D. Richter (Max-Planck-Institute, Leipzig, Germany), R. Roberts (University of Wollongong, Australia), A.K. Singhvi (Phys. Research Laboratory, Navarang-pura, India), G. Wagner (University of Heidelberg, Germany)