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"A solid education in exogene geology is of eminent importance in many fields of applied geosciences"


Courses on BSc level (in German)


On BSc level, the curriculum starts with an introduction to basics of the Earth system and its history during geological time. In the second year, processes and environmental settings of sediment deposition are further discussed. Finally, students can choose a module in the third year that highlights in more detail geohazards and the Quaternary environmental history. Teaching is mainly in the form of lectures with related practicals, fieldtrips and some seminars.


1. Semester: Exogene Geologie

3. Semester: Sedimentologie

5. Semester: Einführung in die Quartärforschung

Courses on MSc level (in English)

About Applied Quaternary Geology (video)

MSc Geology program at Uni Freiburg (video)

MSc track Applied Quaternary Geology (video)


On MSc level, different geohazards (mass movements, volcanic risks and climate-related hazards) are in the focus of our group, complemented by a specialised module on Quaternary sediments and an introduction to engineering geology and geotechnics. On MSc level, courses are more focusing on individual learning, group work, and the development of soft skills. By this, we aim at strengthening the analytic, teamwork, presentation and writing capabilities of our students.

The following modules are in the responsibility of our group:

1. Semester: Research Methods in Geosciences

1. Semester: Volcanic Hazards

2. Semester: Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

2. Semester: Sedimentary Geology

1/3. Semester: Quaternary Research

1/3. Semester: Geohazards types and case studies

3. Earth Management